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Intentional Capital sources investments and facilitates deal flow for family offices, registered investment advisors and a select group of qualified purchasers. Our specialty is matching capital to investments that have the intention of generating social and environmental impact in addition to financial return. We understand the investor’s unique impact aspirations and seek investments that enable their wealth to play a role their life’s work.

If you would like us to consider your investment opportunity, please read on about our investors and the types of investments we would consider. If you feel there is a fit, please enter your information through the contact form provided.

Who We Are

Our investors are answering a higher call to address some of humanity’s most challenging problems with their wealth. They expect meaningful outcomes that we can measure.

We are seeking impactful investments in every layer of the capital stack.

Portfolio companies have access to Intentional Capital’s principals and advisors who have deep expertise in nurturing growing companies and in mentoring the talented leaders who build them. Our investors are ideal long-term and strategic capital partners to growing companies whose goals are aligned with our ambitious intentions.

Investment Allocations

Global Equities

Public and Private Funds

Direct Private Equity

Direct Debt

Project Finance

Investment Thesis

Our investors share the thesis that intentional, sustainable and responsible investing is more than just a valid investment strategy - by many measures, it is a superior investment strategy.

We are actively seeking investments, both private and public, in the sectors where we believe it is possible to achieve both meaningful social and environmental impact and market-rate financial returns.

In specific cases, an investor may accept less-than-market-rate financial returns in order to support a desired social or environmental impact outcome. We believe this calculus is personal and investor willingness to make financial tradeoffs is highly situational. As such, we consider “impact-first” investments on a case-by-case basis.

Investment Themes

Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Agriculture

Life Sciences & Well-Being

Gender Empowerment

Research That Informs Our Thinking

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